I’m a late starter when it comes to peanut butter. For ages I found the very idea of it weird and unappealing, but then last summer I tried cashew nut butter, which was pretty delicious, which opened my mind to a whole dimension of nut butters. I’m still not mad keen on peanut butter plain, but it is an amazing sweets ingredient, adding a frission of saltiness to cut through the sweetness of sugar, or chocolate, or whatever delicious thing it’s paired with. In the UK, peanut butter sweets are hard to come by, occasionally newsagents sells Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but the supply is unreliable to say the least, and they only come in packs of three. For the full decadent experience, clearly making them yourself is the only way.

I have to say, this recipe was really easier than I thought it could be, and they went down extremely well at the party I took them to. I did them in cupcake molds to get the right shape and crinkled edge, but you can do them in whatever receptacle comes to hand.

Peanut Butter Cups (from Nigella’s How to Be a Domestic Goddess, slightly adapted)

50g dark brown muscovado sugar
200g icing sugar
50g butter
200g smooth peanut butter
200g milk chocolate
100g plain chocolate
1 tbspn butter

Mix together the sugars, butter and peanut butter until smooth (ish, it’s not an exact science).  Press about a teaspoon full into the base of  a cupcake tin (I also used cupcake cases to avoid having to grease the tin).  Melt the chocolates and butter in a bowl, then pour over the top of the peanut butter bases.  So simple and a ridiculously large pay off.