When I was little I ate potato waffles one square at a time, ending with the last square of delicious salty goodness, then refusing to eat or drink anything else because the taste was still in my mouth.  Good times.  Potato waffles are my last guilty treat, pretty much the last thing I eat that comes from the freezer.  I googled potato waffles and found lots of recipes that seemed to me to get away from the true heart of the waffle, too complex or too sweet.  I read a post on a cooking forum that said potato waffles would be ‘extremely difficult’ to make from scratch.  In the words of Barney, challenge accepted.  This is one of the easier things I’ve made, though it does require a waffle iron, a piece of specialist equipment I borrowed from my grandmother about two months ago and only just got around to using.  If you’ve got obliging grandparents, or are lucky enough to have a waffle iron already, hestitate not!

Potato Waffles

Lots of potatoes, peeled
Large chunk of salted butter
a good splash of milk
salt and pepper

Boil the potatoes until soft.  Drain, then mash with a hand masher, and the butter, milk and seasoning (you see, not difficult at all).  Then, using a electric whisk (with wide whisk attachments, rather than narrow) cream the potato until it looks like you got it out of a packet.  Place a fair dollop onto your heated waffle iron.  When you push it down, a large amount may pour from the sides, so be prepared to scrape off the edges.  Then extract your waffle.   I had high hopes of making some and freezing them, but alas it came to nothing as I burnt two waffles on the trot and my dad had to finish them off.