Oh bitter irony that I have only got time to put up my Christmas recipes long after the festival is over, and the pile of discarded Christmas trees outside on the streets grows ever larger. Of course, Christmas isn’t actually over until the 6th when I’ll be making gallette des rois again, but most people don’t seem as keen as I am to keep the festive season going. Even if some people are lucky enough not to be back to work until the 7th. At any rate, if you’re as nostalgic as I am, then you’ll enjoy my Christmas ham recipe at least.

It was a big responsibility, and my choice to experiment with Nigella’s infamous ham in coke recipe might have been a bit risky. But Nigella is a trusty sort of person and the ham turned out amazing, although about half the size it was when it went in for 4 hours of boiling in coke. I tweaked it a little by adding molasses sugar, bought for the cake, instead of Demerara, to the glaze.

Ham in coca cola

5kg gammon
2l coca cola
2 onions

Glaze:a few cloves
2 tablespoons black treacle
4tspns mustard powder
4 tbspns molasses sugar

Put the ham skin side down into the pot, then add the onion and all the coke. Bring to the boil, then put a lid on and simmer for four hours – 1 hour per kilo, but a bit less if you run out of time and are keen to go to bed didn’t do any harm. Preheat the oven to gas 9, 240 degreesWhen it’s done, let it cool a little, then strip off the skin leaving the fat behind. Score the fat into diamonds and put a clove into the heart of each. Drizzle over the treacle and add the mustard and sugar over the top to make a sticky glaze. Then bake for 15 minutes until the glaze looks bubbly. Nigella instructs to not throw away the cooking liquid, but to use it to make black bean soup. I haven’t quite got round to it yet but perhaps I will.